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2013.01.11 - release of cwdaemon 0.9.7

Release 0.9.7 introduces only two changes visible to end user:

  • <ESC>30 request has been setting volume to zero, but it was impossible to re-set the volume to non-zero value (e.g. with <ESC>3440). This now has been fixed.
  • reply mechanism replying to <ESC>h requests wasn't working correctly. Behaviour of the reply mechanism has been improved.
Both issues were reported by Thomas Beierlein.

2012.07.04 - release of cwdaemon 0.9.6

This version of cwdaemon is intended to be used with libcw4. Most of the changes in the release were introduced by Jenö Vágó, HA5SE. The changes include:

  • improved behaviour of PTT function,
  • completed implementation of basics of handshaking between cwdaemon and client application; this should allow the client application e.g. to send message char-by-char;
  • fixing some side effects of previously applied patches.

2012.04.09 - release of cwdaemon 0.9.5

Version 0.9.5 is essentially an official release of Debian package 0.9.4-9, with Debian patches applied. No new features and no new fixes were added to 0.9.5, compared to 0.9.4-9. Purpose of upstream release 0.9.5 is to establish a starting point for revived cwdaemon project.

January 2012 - takeover of the project

This project has been taken over in January 2012 from Joop Stakenborg by Kamil Ignacak, with intention of maintenance and further development.